Brain Imaging Consulting, LLC

Seeing is believing, particularly with brain injuries which are often invisible.  We use specialized functional brain imaging technology to visualize certain metabolic patterns which reveal brain injury often missed by conventional MRI and CT scans.

Getting the proper diagnosis is vital to the treatment and recovery of people who suffer from the persistent concussive symptoms months and months post injury.



Our mission is to provide clinicians with the best information possible regarding the functioning of your brain so that the proper medical treatments can be implemented.

Legal Consults

Dr. Hipskind is a nationally recognized expert medical witness for cases of traumatic brain injury.  Contact us for details regarding our medical legal consulting services.

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Research & Papers

Search the National Institute of Health website for the original research article:

Pulsed Transcranial Red/NIR Light Therapy Using Light-emitting Diodes Improves Cerebral Blood Flow and Cognitive Function in Veterans with Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury: a Case Series 

Hipskind et al. Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine and Laser Surgery (2019)

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Public Speaking

Dr. Hipskind speaks on national stages about traumatic brain injury and the fascinating role photobiomodulation plays in treatment and recovery from TBI.  Contact us to explore the possibility of scheduling a presentation at your upcoming conference or event.

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